If you have been sending emails on Google Gmail for a while, there must have been moments you were so distracted or hurrying to do varied things at once that you sent the wrong email to the wrong person. Or worse, sent a mail full of nonsense to someone very important, like your boss.




Previously, in case of such errors all you could do was pray that the receptor of the mail didn’t take it amiss or would speedily go blind and hence fail to see the mail! However, Google soon came to the rescue by unveiling an “undo” button for desktop users with which they could speedily cancel any mail sent.

While this feature was only previously available for users on desktop devices, it was this year extended to mobile platforms as well. However, there is a catch, a big one at that. This is due to the fact that on mobile, users only have a measly 10 seconds to click on the “undo” button if they wish not to send the mail after all. A single second late and the mail is irretrievably sent on its way.

The Gmail “undo” feature is supported across the Android and iOS ecosystem and can be either employed on a browser or via the included Gmail app in the mobile device. Whether you are on mobile or desktop here’s how to utilize the undo feature and save yourself some heartache.


On a desktop, once the mail has been drafted and sent, a notification warning appears to the left of the screen showing “sending” as well as “undo”. You can then click on the latter and the email will show up in the draft folder. You can then either make the necessary changes that you want to or erase it. Pretty nifty, eh?


These days mobiles have also extensively been used for playing games at online casinos like Chelsea Palace Casino Online. So, its always possible to send the email to a wrong person while playing your favourite games. Just like above, after you have drafted the mail and tapped on the send button. Immediately after this, a “send” and “undo” button appears. Click on whichever strikes your fancy.

Alternate Method

The provision of the “undo” button is quite nifty, but to altogether avoid sending wrong emails it might be better to transform it into a two-step process. To do this, go to Gmail and click on Settings. Find the General Settings option and checkmark the option that lets you “confirm before sending”. With this feature enabled, users are obliged to re-check if the email is actually appropriate or not before sending it.

And that’s all for today, folks!